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Crystal Box Australia

Crystal Box Australia is a New Age Crystal shop with a difference originally opened on the Gold Coast in 2007 and in Brisbane City in 2015. It is a combination of Art, Crystals, Crystal Jewellery, Fashion Clothing, Dream Catchers, Sun Catchers, Tarot, Spiritual Healings and handmade Cards. Other unique Gift Lines include Chakra Cleanse kits, Spiritual Protection & Exorcism Kits, Pendulum Kits, Arch Angel Protection Kits and much more that come with all information & products that is needed and are exclusive to Crystal Box Brisbane. Precise Tarot readings and connecting with one’s guides/angels/ancestors for guidance of your life’s path & personal experiences brings forth clarity & verification that is needed at the time, plus Spiritual & Physical Healings on a Crystal Mat that penetrates, cleanses & balances the 7 major Chakras in your spine, dissipates negative energy and rejuvenates every cell in your body. The Amethyst & Black Tourmaline throughout the entire mat are the most powerful & protective crystals around, plus the Far Infrared and the Negative Ions in this amazing mat guarantees 3 major healings in one. Sessions for both Tarot & Healings are half hour and at very reasonable prices.  Most of the products in Crystal Box are unique, original, hand crafted items and are wholesale direct from artist to public. If you’re looking for something different Crystal Box Brisbane has that special gift or personal item that is needed at the time.

About Liliana Jackson

Liliana (Lili) has been a professional Artist & Designer since 2004 and started Crystal Box as an extension of her creativity.  Lili's artwork consists of 3 dimensional, mosaic sculpture paintings which are on display in Crystal Box at Silverton Place in Wickham Terrace for any art lovers interested in unique, one off original pieces. Her work consists of a mix of Ancient Egyptian style, mythological/symbolic, classical art with a spiritual twist to it. “I love what I do, my motto is to create to live, live to create. I love to bring out beauty, mystery and spirituality in all my work". 

Lili sold her Artwork & Products Australia wide and overseas for over a decade now and since becoming a professional Artist and Designer "I wouldn’t do anything else in my life but this, Crystal Box in Brisbane City is now my Art Studio that I do not limit myself at all when it comes to creating these days, I utilize every talent in me possible and develop more skills & knowledge that I learn each and every day as I go along my path". Crystal Box products are wide and varied from handmade Jewellery & Clothing, to Healing & Protection products, as well as Tarot, is all incorporated in this concept. Everyone is welcome to visit and purchase one-off unique, handmade pieces created by Lili herself. 

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Unique Products at Reasonable Prices

Crystal Box Australia is a 100% Australian owned business. Most product ranges at Crystal Box are unique, one-off, handmade in house on the premises. We pride ourselves on creating good quality, fashionable, feminine jewelry & clothing at very reasonable prices for the astute Goddess. Sales & Specials continually at Crystal Box retail outlet in a Wickham Terrace, Brisbane City.