Chakra Energy Healings on Crystal Mat

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This is an in-house service only, customer must come to shop for this healing.

Chakra mat facilitates Chakra cleansing, grounding, inner awareness while cleansing negative energy from the body. Great for physical pain as well.



Negative Ions



Pulsed Light Therapy


⭐️Physical healing

⭐️Spiritual healing 

⭐️Emotional healing

⭐️Chakra healing

And more


🌟Improves Immune System 

🌟Raises vibration

🌟Reduces stress and fatigue

🌟Improves skin and assists cleansing impurities from Lymph

🌟Burns calories

🌟Soothes and lessens pain

🌟Reduces inflammation

🌟Clears negative energy

🌟Balances chakra energy centres

🌟Improves circulation and Cardiovascular function

🌟Increases Serotonin

🌟Calms emotions

🌟Reduces Insomnia

🌟Reduces muscle tension

🌟Assists in elimination of toxicity in the physical body

🌟Soul flying

And more

Half hour or one hour, 5 healings in one session.  PH: 040263983
Crystal Box shop 9/101 Wickham Terrace Brisbane City. 4000. Australia.

We are the supplier/distributors of these mats if anyone wants to purchase one for home, business or office. Please call on phone No. 0402639830 or email us at